Put things into practice

I love learning. I love seeing how other people do things what skills and methods they employ. I learn by reading, going to conferences, from YouTube and from one on one conversations (this is not an exhaustive list of how I learn!).

The disciples learned to, they were taught Kingdom principles and practices from the master teacher Jesus. Jesus looked to spend time with his disciples teaching them and doing life with them, Jesus demonstrated the perfect discipleship model.

Jesus also encouraged the disciples to put into practice what they had seen and learnt from Him. In Matthew 10 Jesus sends out His disciples to go and proclaim “the kingdom of heaven has come near” and to heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse those who have leprosy, drive out demons (Matthew 10:7-8). Jesus was getting His disciples to do what they had been taught.

Putting into practice what I have learnt is one of the hardest things for me to do. I read a book, highlight sections think that would be great to do but then struggle to implement. I take great notes at a conference, think at the time that would work well in my life, but the notes stay unread

How many of us read our bibles, see God’s instructions but struggle to implement them in our lives? (for more on this subject check out the message from Sunday)

I know for me this is an area of my life I want to improve in, but what hinders me what hinders us in the pursuit of implementing change?

  • Trying to do things in our strength, we need to ask God to help us

  • Trying to make too many changes at once, less maybe more

  • Quitting at the first bump in the road, if you make a mistake, go again

  • Disciple, I have heard it said it takes 30 days to form a new habit, keep going!

What are you committing to putting into practice?

Below is a prayer that you can pray as you look to put into practice what you have learned:

Dear God,

Thank you for being patient with me. Help me to identify the things you want me to put into practice in my life. Help me to persevere, to stick at it.

I ask these things in Jesus’ name


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Adam Boud